Adios, my room

I moved into this room just five years ago. There were lots of fun and painful things. I will never forget my memories here even though I'm now going to move the other place. Because I decided my life by my self at the first time and it was very vital and positive for me. Thanks all.



I enrolled Kenichi Ohmae graduate school of business this April. I was looking forward to study business
and felt an emotion such as anxiety at the same time.


Nissan Note

The car supported our trip was Nissan Note. It had a combination of high mileage and high-tech.


Ebina SA

We staged Ebina Service Area that is one of the most famous in eastern Japan. And we had a good melon bread and freshly ground coffee served by the unique vending machine. The machine made the coffee on site as soon as you inserted the coin. We were offered extraordinary experiences and had very good time.

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Big whitebait and Sakura shrimp bowl

We dropped by a certain restaurant in front of the bus stop "Maenarusawa" around Atami station.

We ordered a minced horse mackerel set meal and a whitebait and Sakura shrimp bowl.

This was the latter.


Fortunately, the restaurant served a dish of yellowtail cooked in soy sauce for free.

We were satisfied a lot.

Special dinner

These were Japanese dishes and really really good.


And this was a burdock chocolate cake with a vanilla ice cream. It was sophisticated.


The attendant and waitress who served us were very sincere. They were always smiling and attentive. That was great hospitality (Omotenashi).

Trip to Izu

I went on a trip to Izu with my loved one.

The monorail climbing to our guest room. It was really steep slope.

We had a Matcha and a Daifuku stuffed with Azuki and Cheesecake when we got the reception. They were really good.

The view from our room.

We had the time of our life.