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Big whitebait and Sakura shrimp bowl

We dropped by a certain restaurant in front of the bus stop "Maenarusawa" around Atami station.

We ordered a minced horse mackerel set meal and a whitebait and Sakura shrimp bowl.

This was the latter.


Fortunately, the restaurant served a dish of yellowtail cooked in soy sauce for free.

We were satisfied a lot.

Special dinner

These were Japanese dishes and really really good.


And this was a burdock chocolate cake with a vanilla ice cream. It was sophisticated.


The attendant and waitress who served us were very sincere. They were always smiling and attentive. That was great hospitality (Omotenashi).

Trip to Izu

I went on a trip to Izu with my loved one.

The monorail climbing to our guest room. It was really steep slope.

We had a Matcha and a Daifuku stuffed with Azuki and Cheesecake when we got the reception. They were really good.

The view from our room.

We had the time of our life.

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